Welcome to the Fort Wayne Linux Users Group!

We meet monthly and quarterly to discuss and learn about the Linux family of operating systems and other free-and-open source software. Learn more about us here.

Sunsetting the Meetup.com Group

As we are now established on GetTogether, and due to lack of remaining membership, our Meetup.com group will be closing entirely on Friday, June 7. We have sent out a few limited communiqués over the past couple weeks, but we had yet to announce this publicly. We will continue to host events as usual, so please join us on GetTogether.

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Moving to GetTogether

We have found an event management platform that is both libre and gratis. As such, our group on Meetup.com is changing to a paid subscription today.

More details follow in the full post.

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Suggestion Box

Do you have an idea for a presentation topic? Do you have feedback about the group or our events? We want to hear from you! Fill out our suggestion box survey and let us know what’s on your mind.

The form can be found here: fortwaynelinux.org/suggest

Unlike previous surveys, this one will remain open indefinitely.

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Hello World

We’re still tweaking the site theme and layout, but we’re online.

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